AMSOIL is the Official Oil of the Universal Technical Institute’s motorcycle and marine programs. As the Official Oil of MMI, AMSOIL assumes an active role in the lubrication and chemical curriculum training. In addition, AMSOIL also offers students scholarship opportunities to help mitigate expenses. One of those scholarship opportunities is the AMSOIL “Strong Start” Relocation Grant. Through this grant, students are given sponsorship monies that help them with their initial move to an MMI campus to begin their future in this industry.James Huskamp

Such is the case for James Huskamp. An 18 year old from Illinois, James was awarded the AMSOIL “Strong Start” Relocation grant to attend Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Phoenix, Ariz. James is enrolled in the 60-week Motorcycle Technician Specialist program.

“I am pursuing a technical education because I want to work on what I love and that is Harley-Davidsons,” he said. “I dream of having my own shop one day, but not just a normal ‘come-in-and-get-fixed’ shop. I want to be known for fixing up and customizing bikes to be some of the baddest around town.”

AMSOIL is honored to help James  and other MMI students begin fulfilling their dreams. Graduates of this and the marine programs with UTI have the opportunity to work with some of the best brands in the world.

James is extremely grateful and intends to put his education to good use. “I will create a name for myself and will not stop trying until I do exactly that. I will do whatever it takes to impact the industry.”


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