By: Lindsay Premo

AMSOIL is the Official Oil of the Universal Technical Institute’s motorcycle and marine programs. As the Official Oil of MMI, AMSOIL assumes an active role in the lubrication and chemical curriculum training. In addition, AMSOIL offers students scholarship opportunities to help mitigate expenses. One of those scholarship opportunities is the AMSOIL “Strong Start” Relocation Grant. Through this grant, students are given sponsorship monies that help them with their initial move to an MMI campus to begin their future in this industry.

Take, for example, Robert Thompson and Bridget Hanus. Both received the AMSOIL “Strong Start” Relocation Grant for the first quarter of 2016. Read below their stories and how these scholarships have helped them start their careers.

Sergeant First Class Robert Thompson served 20 years in the U.S. military, including tours in both Afghanistan and Iraq, He is now taking his beloved hobby and turning it into a sustainable career. Thompson will use the “Strong Start” Relocation Grant to set up a temporary home base while he finishes the Motorcycle Technical Specialist program at MMI Orlando while his wife and six children hold down the fort at home.

“The shop that’s closest to my hometown is 45 minutes to an hour away,” said Thompson. “Once I have completed my course, I have dreams of starting my own repair shop.”

Bridget Hanus doesn’t worry about being a woman among men while pursuing a career as a motorcycle mechanic. “Being a woman in this field has great advantages,” she says. “There are not many of us out there and it will give other women who have thought about this profession a ‘go-ahead’ to shoot for their dreams.” Currently working 50+ hours a week, she will start the Motorcycle Technician Specialist program at MMI Phoenix in June. The “Strong Start” Relocation Grant will help her to make the move to Arizona and ultimately thrive in a profession she’s dreamed about.

“I will prove all of my doubters wrong,” said Bridget. “I am strong and independent and I will succeed.”


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