By: Carlisle Events

Family fun is THE #1 priority of Carlisle Events during any of its 11 annual automotive weekends. With its upcoming Fall Florida AutoFest rapidly approaching in Lakeland, Fla. starting Nov. 10, Carlisle Events is excited to announce the inclusion of some unique and interactive Batman-themed machines.

Coming to the SUN ‘n FUN Campus Nov. 10-13 is a Batmobile from the classic 1960’s TV show, a Batcycle and the Batcopter from the same era and best of all, guests can go for a ride in the helicopter. In addition to the helicopter rides, guests can sit in the Batmobile or pose next to the Batcycle for photos. Photos with the Batmobile are $20 per person per photo and for both the Batmobile and Batcycle, its $30 per person per photo. Finally, the fee to ride in the helicopter is $100 per person per flight (no age restrictions).batman_carlisle_events

With the recent release of Batman vs. Superman and the Suicide Squad movies featuring Ben Affleck as Batman, combined with the continued popularity of the original show starring Burgess Meredith, Adam West and Julie Newmar, the Bat-brand has continued to be a popular one for decades. Because of that, enthusiasts flocking to these Batman-themed displays will cover generations; from fathers and grandfathers who grew up on the original to younger guests who only watch today’s Batman, this display should offer something for everyone.

“This display is one of a kind,” says Captain Eugene A. Nock, Batcopter pilot and caretaker of these pop culture icons. “The helicopter is THE helicopter used during the original TV series as well as the 1966 movie. To ride in the Batcopter is to ride in a piece of living history that’s been admired by fans for decades. Best of all, for the Batcopter, its instrument panel has been autographed by cast members from the TV show and the movie, so even more of a reason to fly in the Batcopter and to check out this display as a whole.”

“I’m excited to host these pieces of TV and movie history at Fall AutoFest in Lakeland starting Nov. 10,” noted event manager Jim Brady. “To have the REAL Batcopter, an authorized Batmobile and Batcycle all in one place, no other local auto show can boast such amazing showcase pieces. I invite everyone out to see the Bat-display as well as the car show, auction, swap meet, car corral and our very special Veterans Day tribute on Friday, Nov. 11.”

In addition to the Batman-themed showcase, there is a two-day car show, two-day collector car auction, additional aircraft rides, a motor coach showcase, great food and lots of automotive history to get lost in. Best of all, as a guest, admission is just $10 per day with kids 12 and under admitted free. Complete event details can be found at or auction info can be found at

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