Jesse Glodowski has loved snowmobiling as long as he can remember.
“Since I was 3, I was with my dad on a harness strapped to him so that I wouldn’t fall off the snowmobile,” he said.
He thought his father was towing his sled to be put away for the summer, but was instead surprised by T&N Racing ready to customize it.
According to Jon Bush, district sales manager for Polaris, it’s all because of a story Jesse told him at the manufacturer’s snowmobile sneak peek just a few weeks ago.

“He forgot to put the side panel on completely, and it broke his sled a little bit. So he shared his story with me and that’s really what got me thinking – maybe there’s something I can do to help him.”
“Seeing this, it’s just amazing what they’ve done,” Jesse said.

But it’s more than just a customized sled. On Dec. 5, Jesse was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer, near his knee.
“I was working when my wife called. She said, ‘He’s got Osteosarcoma.’ And that’s the day that the earth stood still,” Jesse’s father, Bill Gladowski, said.
So far, it’s cost Jesse part of his leg.

“The cancer didn’t respond to chemo. I became one out of three thousand kids ending up having an amputation,” Jesse explained.
Soon, Jesse will begin more chemotherapy treatments. And despite the battle ahead, his outlook on life remains optimistic.
“There’s always someone out there worse than me. I’ve had a lot of good luck. I’m happy for my luck,” Jesse said.
And a customized snowmobile only helps.

“The goal was pretty simple; just to give Jesse a good day,” Bush said. “And I think we’ve already accomplished that, so anything after this will just be gravy.”

“To have people take their time out of getting ready for racing, have time for them to take a day off racing or practicing, working on the machines to come help me is amazing,” Jesse said.
Jesse’s family tells NewsChannel 7 they’re hopeful he’ll be able to begin wearing a prosthetic leg next month. Jesse said his chemotherapy is scheduled to be finished in September.

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