Ultimate Callout Challenge

AMSOIL is the Official Oil of the Ultimate Callout Challenge (UCC), a nationwide “callout” to owners and builders of some of the biggest, gnarliest diesel-powered hot rods in the country. The lucky individuals who are invited to compete are required to compete in three events: dyno, sled pull and drag race, with winners crowned in each event.

Participants are dubbed “best of the best” by the likes of Diesel World Magazine and the Northwest Dyno Circuit. We’re talking horsepower in upwards of the 1,200 range. Competitors in this event are not your average, everyday drivers.


Sponsored Competitors


UCC 2016

Ultimate Callout Challenge: Where the Big Dogs Come to Play

This winter the call went out to diesel truck enthusiasts that there was going to be a showdown this spring. Like a battle of titans,…