By: Lindsay Premo

This past weekend wrapped up the 2017 AMSOIL World Championship Snowmobile Derby in Eagle River, Wis. Known as the “Indianapolis 500 of Snowmobile Racing,” the Derby attracts more than 500 racers from all over the world, and 40,000 spectators witness snowmobiles race in excess of 100 mph on a half-mile banked ice oval.

T&N Racing’s Nick Van Strydonk was able to hold off race favorite (and longtime friend) Cardell Potter to win his second World Championship. Van Strydonk pulled ahead with five laps to go, creating a sizable gap and securing his second championship. This marked quite a difference from pushing his sled to the finish line a few years back. After his victory lap, Speed Shift caught up with Van Strydonk to see how the second time around feels.

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