By: Lindsay Premo

I have to admit, working in the Race Department here at AMSOIL is a pretty cool job. Every day I am immersed in speed and horsepower, providing attention to all different realms of racing. I talk shop with racers, send them product and update their latest race results on our website.

But actually being able to attend a race event is the true icing on the cake (or maybe even the sprinkles). I’ve attended everything from Monster Energy Supercross to AMSOIL Championship Snocross to boat racing. But one of my all-time favorites? Off-road truck racing. There’s something about 900-horsepower trucks flying through the air that takes things to another level, unmatched by anything on two wheels or skis.Pro Light ERX Round 8

My first TORC race I attended was last year in Crandon, Wis. The historic “first turn” and long layout of Crandon make it the perfect concoction for all things off-road racing. What Daytona International Speedway is to NASCAR, the Crandon International Raceway is to short-course racing, leaving this past weekend’s first trip to ERX Motorpark with some big shoes to fill. Prior to the Carlson Motorsports family building the short-course track, ERX existed primarily as a circle track that hosted Beatercross races in the summer and Snocross races in the winter – a true Midwest motorsports facility. Chris Carlson and his team seemed to spare no expense in creating this impressive track.

ERX was the prefect setting for this grassroots-type of racing. Trucks were staged and appeared straight out of the woods and disappeared back into them after each pass; it was the perfect setting for home-track racer Andrew Carlson to capture his Pro Light victory. Carlson came from behind to pass Travis Dinsmore in the final laps, and I was on the edge of my camping chair the whole time. That’s the beauty of off-road racing – you never know what will happen next.

Overall it seems ERX will become another staple in the off-road racing world. Racers were impressed with the track and, as a fan, I say it was a pretty awesome experience.

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