2011 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge Street Division Participants

by Dewey Asbach | Mar 22, 2011

Once again AMSOIL is the title sponsor for the 2011 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge. The challenge pits talented engine builders against one another to see who can build the best engine. 2011 marks the first year in which there are two separate divisions that builders are able to compete in with only 20 available spots in each classification. Below is a list of builders and alternates selected for the Street division.

Check back tomorrow to see those selected for the Xtreme Street division.

Selected Teams:                

Automotive Machine & Performance   

D&A Machine Shop                              

Jail Bait Cycles and Rods 

Jones Engine Development                   

Paul Milano's Service                            

Porting Dynamics                                               

Power Shop Racing Engines                               

R.M. Competition                                            

Raceheads & AFD                                            

Randy Ferbert                                                    

Ray's Dyno & Machine                                       

Revolutionary Performance and Machine             

Robinson Analytical                                             

Shottie's Porting Service                                     

SKMFX Engines                                                 

Stine Automotive Machines                                  

Survival Motorsports                                            

TM Enterprises                                                     

Tuned Port Induction Specialties                             

Weingartner Racing                                                  

The following lists alternates selected in the Street division. These builders are waiting in the wings should one of the above participants become unable to participate in the challenge come October.

TEAM NAMES                                         

Atlantic Engines                                           

Almost Kaase                                              

DCI Motorsports                                           


Dove Mfg. Co.                                               

Henderson Marine                                          

Hinkle Performance Engines                            


Kustom Kemps                                               

Jail Bait Cycles and Rods                                 

Performance Engines                                         

Racing Engine Design                                         

Race Car Service of America/Auto.Machinist     

Rick's Custom Engines                                        

Robert Peters                                                      

School of Automotive Machinists                         

Shottie's Porting Service                                      

Superior Engineering                                            

Traco Engineering Co., Inc.                                 

Triple S